How to Buy E-Juice Wholesale & Sell Retail

May 18, 2018

I’ve had some emails from readers going a step further than asking about where to buy e-liquids with natural ingredients. Rather, they want to know how to sell e-liquids with natural ingredients and make a profit.

Well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve come to the right place. Although I don’t know everything there is to know about the e-juice business, I do have some tips I can offer you, like how to get really good e-juice for your shop at low prices.

How the E-Juice Economy Works

If you want to start making money selling e-liquids, first you need to understand how the supply chain works. A supply chain is basically the process of how a product is developed, all the way until it gets in your hands, the consumer.

The majority of good quality e-juice is developed by manufacturers in ISO 7 certified clean rooms and labs. These manufacturers source the ingredients needed to make …

What is an E-Cigarette and How Does e Cigarette Work?

February 9, 2018

Many people have heard about e cigs but don’t really know anything about them. How do e cigarettes work for example? In fact the mechanism of e cigs is quite easy and effective at the same time. But before we start talking about e cigarettes let’s have a closer look at these devices and find out how does e cigarette work.

E cig is an electronic device which looks like regular cigarette. E cigarette work is quite interesting; mechanism imitates smoking process but it is much less harmful when regular cigarettes. E cig generates steam which contains certain share of nicotine. Inhaling this steam imitates regular smoking. Now let’s have a look at this device and find out how does the e cigarette really work.

How Does e Cigarette Work

E cig equipped with light-emitting diode (LED). Thus when a smoker uses e cigarette it looks like regular one with smoldering tobacco.
Every single e …

What is e-Liquid and How to Use it?

January 11, 2018

There is no denying the popularity of electronic cigarettes. A 2017 survey by ASH put the number of electronic cigarette users in the UK at 700 thousand, and that number is growing rapidly. Given some recent statements in regards to the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes this popularity is perhaps not surprising. Take for example recent statement by John Britton, professor of the Royal College of Physicians, who stated if all of the smokers in Britain were to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, and switched to electronic cigarettes, it would save as many as 5 million lives.

The reason for this is due to the different composition of e-Juice compared to the ingredients in a traditional cigarette. Below you can learn more about e-Liquid, including answers to some of the most common questions asked about this fluid.

What is e-Liquid?

E-Liquid is the fluid that provides the flavour and nicotine for your electronic cigarettes. When …

5 Mistakes When Buying Ecigs

January 1, 2018

Whether you are new to the world of ecigs or experience, there are a few key things you need to think about when buying an e-cigarette. The following 5 mistakes are very common and if done could result in you giving up on your ecig, potentially resulting in you going back to smoking cigarettes.

Buying The Cheapest eCig

It’s understandable in this day and age that you don’t want to spend over the odds for e-cigarette. The problem with cheaper products is that they could be either imported and therefore not have the required safety checks or made from low quality materials and break easily,.

Generally you do get what you pay for and if your willing to spend a little extra, you can get yourself a nice quality device that will be exactly what you want from an e-cig.

Incorrect Strength

A problem that many people encounter is that they don’t compare the amount …